Verona in Love Festival
維羅納愛的節日(Verona in Love Festival)
維羅納愛的節日(Verona in Love Festival)
#02 – Year-round Festival Series – Valentine’s Day – Verona in Love Festival
Can you imagine a Valentine’s Day celebration that lasts for several days?

In northern Italy, there is an ancient city called Verona, known as the city of love, which is the city where the famous play “Romeo and Juliet” was told and was the inspiration for the famous playwright Shakespeare.

This quaint town will host the annual Verona in Love Festival for four consecutive days this Valentine’s Day. The streets of the town will be filled with red decorations and lights, and the whole town will be filled with love motifs, making it a prime romantic destination for couples.
During the festival, there is a lively market in the city center, and a giant red heart is laid out on a red carpet in Piazza dei Signori of the old city. The pattern is so large that one might not be able to find the meaning if one were in the middle of it, but only from above, one can discover its heart-shaped pattern.

Surrounding the heart-shaped carpet were booths selling a variety of wonderful heart-shaped or romantic handicrafts, just like the Christmas market. There were also musical performances and an award ceremony.

Award ceremony? Why is there an award ceremony on Valentine’s Day?

The award ceremony is for songs written on the theme of love, and musicians, songwriters or writers living in Italy are welcome to submit their songs. Love has always been the subject of many art forms, and many famous novelists, playwrights and musicians have created timeless works of art on this theme. The public can also show their literary and musical talents during this festival.

Visitors can also take a tour of Shakespeare’s famous city at a special price during this event; visit Juliet’s home for free and see the legendary terrace of the play. You can also leave a romantic love letter on the wall of the main gate.

Visiting this ancient city on Valentine’s Day is a great way to spice up your love relationship, have a honeymoon, or celebrate your wedding anniversary!