Year-round Festival Series 12 – World Book and Copyright Day

As early as the Sui and Tang dynasties, engraving and printing was invented. It was not until 1045 that Chinese inventor Bi Sheng invented the porcelain printing technique with movable components. The invention of movable type brought revolutionary improvements to human knowledge transmission.

World Book and Copyright Day was officially established in 1926 and has been scheduled for April 23 since 1995. In the warm spring of April, it is more suitable for outdoor book fairs, so people do not have to stand in the cold wind to read. In addition to the weather, April 23 is also an important day associated with the world’s great writers, with the anniversary of the death of Shakespeare and Miguel de Cervantes, the author of Don Quixote, being the most notable reason. 

This year, the theme of World Book and Copyright Day designated by UNESCO   is “Indigenous Languages”. It focuses on local indigenous languages as an important manifestation of the diversity of human civilization.

Reading helps us to increase our vocabulary in speaking and writing. Reading also allows us to empathize with others, especially in fiction reading. Reading before bedtime is also a way to improve sleep and is effective in relaxing the mind. World Book and Copyright Day also promotes the importance of intellectual copyright, reducing plagiarism and further stimulating creativity.

Reading also helps us develop concentration skills

Reading improves one’s ability to concentrate. It takes a great deal of persistence to read a book from the first page to the last. Books are effective tools for solving life’s problems. Most authors have the experience and qualifications to publish books. By seeing what others have gone through, we can reflect on ourselves, shorten our struggles, and become enlightened. Many people who read a lot eventually become authors of books. This is because in the process of reading, they have developed certain creative skills. In addition, different authors’ insights can stimulate different solutions to a problem and eventually make a useful and comprehensive conclusion. Reading may also deepen our creative abilities. After all, people are limited, but having the knowledge base built by those who have lived before us allows us to stand on the shoulders of giants.

Reading enables us to make friends with others

There are many different kinds of books in the world, and we may end up making friends with like-minded people who share the same interests because of reading. I enjoy the process of reading books, and at different times in my life, I fall in love with different types of books. Our writing skills are gradually built through the process of reading.

There are limits to reading

As a book lover, I have discovered the benefits of reading, and I am gradually discovering its drawbacks. If we do not practice what we read, we will become a talker. Some people need solid life experiences to understand life. Maybe it takes a few stumbles to understand how to appreciate what we have. Personal experience is also a way for people to learn and improve. After all, the experiences in books are the experiences of others.

In reality, we have to pay a price for everything

Reading takes a lot of time and an amazing amount of perseverance, and frankly, many people would consider reading the most boring activity in the world. Yes, if you don’t have the habit of reading, reading is painful. Besides, it doesn’t cost much to buy a book, so many people have a lot of books piled up in their homes, but very few books will be read. Buying books wastes money and takes up a lot of space in our homes.

Reading delays the solving of our life problems

Ten experts may have ten different opinions on the same ethical issue. Too many opinions sometimes delay the solution of our problems. How many people who read financial books actually become wealthy? Who can actually implement the knowledge they read?

Although reading has many disadvantages, the benefits of reading should not be ignored. If we can strike a balance between the two, taking into account our individual practice and continued reading, we can make a difference in our lives. Reading is also a personal habit that many leaders value. It gives us vision and a soft and flexible mind. A small book may bring benefits to a person’s character development.

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