Happiness Happens Month


Happiness Happens Month

Year Round Festivals Series 28 – Happiness Happens Month – I’ve got the best _______?

Happiness Happens Month is celebrated throughout the month of August each year and was established in 2000 by The Secret Society of Happy People. The now no longer secret organisation was started in 1998 by Pamela Gail Johnson. She wanted to spread joy through the organisation and wanted people to enjoy a more fulfilling life. She believes that positive thinking and joy can be found in any environment if we want it to be.

The Secret Society of Happy People began to gain a large following in December 1998 with an article in Ask Ann Landers, a popular magazine column in North America. In response to the article, which urged readers to keep their happy news to themselves and not to write or send letters about family joy and wealth, especially at Christmas time, so as not to upset those who were suffering, Ms Johnson asked the columnist to apologise to the tens of millions of people who wished to share their happy news. The “secret” society was created to “protect” people from sharing their joy, and has attracted many members. Eventually, the campaign led to a rare change in the columnist’s stance.

Should we share our joy with those around us?

I think the people who can really share our joy are those who know us well, who understand how we struggled through the darkness and finally succeeded. Without deep relationships, the joy we share will be shallow. If we over-share our wealth or achievements with friends we don’t know well, we may be suspected of insincerity and ultimately lose the opportunity to build a relationship with them.

“A cheerful heart is a good medicine, but a downcast spirit dries up the bones.”

We are constantly facing changes throughout our lives. Unexpected surprises or bad news, in particular, can cause us to fall into a state of depression or sadness in an instant. Even with an optimistic view, change can be uncomfortable. It may represent a loss or a sudden worsening of a situation.

As a result of my long art education, I am still living in a situation where I am afraid of being graded by others. As a result, I often examine myself in my daily life. This has weakened me. It was not until my friend, who was close to me, said to me inadvertently, “No one gives you any grades anymore”, that I realised I was living in a state of fear. I realised that I was living in a prison of fear of being judged. I shared this realisation with a friend who had a completely different experience from mine. Although she doesn’t have the feeling of being judged, she cares a lot about what others think and keeps trying to prove herself. Because the unexpected always happens, in order to overcome the fear of change, we want to control everything. Because of this uncontrollable situation, many people live in fear and anxiety.

How to Find Joy in the Valleys

All hardships have a purpose. A journey through the valleys enables us to discover the happiness we already have around us, such as our healthy bodies and loving parents at home. If we think only of success, our path will become more and more lonely, because we will become ruthless and use everything around us to achieve success.

In the midst of hardship and difficulties, we are trained to maintain a grateful heart. A thankful heart also makes us feel joyful all the time. It is a good character trait that makes us willing to help others achieve success.

Would you like to say to yourself: I’ve got the best _________?

This is a blank space that you can fill with your personality, partner, family, job, friends, or home. If we often affirm that we already have the best, we would regain our freedom and health.

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