Dutch 24 ICE Frozen Cocktails Newly Launched

Additional Offers: Limited-Time Free Shipping & $30 Discount

(Hong Kong, 15 September 2023) While 24 ICE Frozen Cocktails and Frozen Mocktails were newly launched in Hong Kong for the first time this summer, we received a warm welcome from the attendees at the HKTDC Food Expo. To repay the immense love from foodies, the PartyDroid team, the authorised distributor of 24 ICE in Hong Kong and Macau, wasted no time and immediately stepped up by offering limited-time free shipping and a $30 discount.

In the meantime, we are actively expanding our local retail presence to ensure that every Hongkonger can easily purchase and enjoy 24 ICE Frozen Cocktails and Frozen Mocktails, anytime and anywhere. We are also about to launch a mobile freezer rental service, making it even more convenient for everyone to bring 24 ICE Frozen Cocktails and Frozen Mocktails to boat parties, sharing the refreshing and cool sensations 24 ICE Frozen Cocktails and Frozen Mocktails bring with family and friends!

24 ICE standard range of Frozen Cocktails comprises six different flavours with 5% alcohol, namely Mojito, Strawberry Daiquiri, Limoncello, Gin & Tonic, Vodka Energy, and Flügel ICE, together with two flavours of non-alcoholic Frozen Mocktails, namely 0.0% Mojito and 0.0% Strawberry Daiquiri. All of them are low in sugar and calories, gluten-free, and vegan, being the best choice for adults and kids to stay healthy and chill in the summer.

The above-mentioned Frozen Cocktails and Frozen Mocktails are now available for purchase at PartyDroid, HKTVmall, and Deliveroo. To express our gratitude for your support for 24 ICE Frozen Cocktails and Frozen Mocktails during the Food Expo, we are currently offering the following three promotions:

Additional Offer #1: Complete a Survey and Enjoy Free Shipping

You are invited to complete our online survey ( https://bit.ly/3P6xRWv ) on or before 22nd September to receive a free shipping promo code. When you purchase a pack of 10 Frozen Cocktails from PartyDroid’s online store ( https://bit.ly/45ad2kq ) and enter the promo code at checkout, you can enjoy free shipping via SF Express to your designated location.

Additional Offers #2 & #3: PartyDroid Collaborates with YouTuber HEBEFACE to Offer Free Shipping & $30 Discount

PartyDroid has teamed up with YouTuber HEBEFACE to introduce two special promotions. Watch the video ( https://youtu.be/TihbNwSD1mw?si=tjM8b6kTrpPsmXn6 ) now to find the promo codes for free shipping and a $30 discount! This offer is valid until 31st October. Don’t miss out!

We know that many of you would love to take our Frozen Cocktails and Frozen Mocktails with you for boat parties. That’s why we have prepared mobile freezers that will be available for rent. Details about this service will be announced shortly.

Follow us on Facebook ( @24 ICE Hongkong / www.facebook.com/24icehongkong ) and Instagram ( @24ice_hk / www.instagram.com/24ice_hk ) to stay updated on our latest product information and find out more about our deals and promotions!

The PartyDroid team has been working diligently to enhance its products’ retail accessibility at various popular locations. At the same time, we cordially invite interested businesses to contact us through inbox messages or via PartyDroid WhatsApp ( https://bit.ly/3CFaHB6 ) to explore potential offline sales partnerships for 24 ICE Frozen Cocktails and Frozen Mocktails. This is especially relevant for small shops near beaches or piers, high-quality specialty food stores, and barbecue food stores.


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