Year-round Festivals Series 46 – Christmas – 6 Christmas Symbols and what they mean

Christmas Trees

The evergreen tree is often used as a Christmas tree. There is a touching and popular story about the emergence of the Christmas tree, inspired by an artist’s prints: One late evening, the German Reformer Martin Luther was walking in the forest near his home. As he looked up, he saw stars twinkling in the branches of a cedar tree. Inspired, he cut down a small fir tree, erected it in his house, and placed a lit candle between the branches. His little creation made the room look bright and beautiful, and made the family see the light of salvation that Jesus was born to bring to those in darkness. Starting in Germany, the Christmas tree became an important symbol of Christmas in Europe and America.

Christmas Star ⭐️

The star on the Christmas tree is known as the Star of Bethlehem, symbolising the fact that in the Bible the Three Wise Men of the East were led by a new star in the sky to Jesus Christ, who was born in a manger. The star thus represents the hope of all mankind. The story of Matthew has been confirmed by historians.

Christmas Wreath 🏵️

In ancient times, a tree branch folded into a circle represented joy, victory, perfection and unity, as well as the warmth and permanence of the sun. Later, the evergreen wreath became a symbol of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and his ultimate victory over death, thus representing eternal life.

Red-Nosed Reindeer🔴

The red-nosed reindeer is a fictional animal with a glowing red nose, often referred to as Santa’s ninth and youngest reindeer. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer is teased and ridiculed by the other reindeer because of his rare glowing red nose.

One Christmas Eve, when Santa Claus is caught in a blizzard while delivering presents, the red-nosed reindeer’s glowing nose serves as a guide for Santa to deliver the presents, enabling everyone to complete their mission.

Created by an American retailer, this story is a popular cartoon character that has become popular because of the importance of Christmas, and encourages children to accept each other’s differences and differences.

Christmas Robins

We often see a red robin in the snow on Christmas cards, which is also a symbol of Christmas. The tiny robin is a symbol of resilience in the cold winter months. The tradition began in Victorian times, when postmen of the Royal Mail wore bright red uniforms and delivered these cards at Christmas, earning them the name ‘robin’ or ‘red-breasted’.

Artists painted red robins on Christmas cards instead of postmen delivering letters, and the trend continued as a theme for Christmas merchandise.

Candy Cane🍫

The red and white hook-shaped candy canes often seen at Christmas were originally designed to keep children quiet in church, and in 1670 a German choir leader commissioned a candy shop to make sweets for the children in their church to keep them quiet.

The candies were made in the image of a shepherd’s staff, a long stick with a hook at the top. The shepherd used the rod to rescue or drive the sheep back into the flock. The rod symbolises the story of Jesus Christ as a shepherd. The interesting red and white hook shape has also become a popular Christmas symbol.

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